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As the elderly population rises, so does the need for occupational therapists. If you are interested in working in acute care hospitals, rehabilitation centers or orthopedic settings where the elderly are treated, you’ll find that these settings are all experiencing an increased demand for occupational therapists. AllTherapyJobs.com offers permanent, travel and part-time opportunities in occupational therapy with the flexibility for you to choose from many locations and environments, including hospitals, schools, adult day care programs, nursing care facilities, home health and other healthcare settings.

What To Expect from Your Occupational Therapist Job from AllTherapyJobs.com

We know that as an occupational therapist (OTs) your work helps patients improve their ability to perform important daily functions and tasks, using life-changing treatments to improve their basic motor function and reasoning abilities. The result? OTs like you, are able to help patients achieve more independence and improved quality of life. At AllTherapyJobs.com, we know that you might want to focus on certain OT specialties. Therefore, as an occupational therapist with AllTherapyJobs.com you can choose to advance your career by specializing in gerontology, mental health, pediatrics or physical rehabilitation. You may also choose to enhance your skills by teaching in accredited occupational therapy educational programs. To work as an AllTherapyJobs.com occupational therapist, a master's degree in occupational therapy is required. Prior to applying to AllTherapyJobs.com, eligible occupational therapists must pass the required national certification exam. If you're looking for more advanced and specialized OT jobs, our AllTherapyJobs.com career specialists can discuss how gaining additional education, certification and experience can help you find the perfect occupational therapy job for you.

Occupational Therapists Make a Great Living

When you work in occupational therapy jobs with AllTherapyJobs.com, you'll receive a highly competitive salary and exciting benefits that meet your individual needs. The average mean yearly salary for occupational therapists in May 2009 was $70,680.* Depending on location, experience, training and education, occupational therapist jobs provide an annual salary between $45,340 and $100,430, with the potential to earn more with additional education, training, certifications and experience. You can earn top dollar by seeking employment in the following industries: home health care services, employment services, schools and nursing care facilities. At AllTherapyJobs.com, our attentive staff will make sure that all of your qualifications are taken into consideration to ensure you're matched with the right travel or permanent occupational therapist job.
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*Source: U.S. Department of Labor