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Want a job that provides opportunities across the United States, with projected employment rates expected to rise faster than the average career? If so, then a permanent or travel physical therapy assistant (PTA) job awaits you at, a leader in permanent and travel therapy career placement, can provide the flexibility and freedom you want to work physical therapist assistant jobs in the healthcare setting of your choice, including hospitals, physical therapy offices, nursing care facilities, home health services, outpatient care centers and physician offices.

What To Expect from Your Physical Therapist Assistant Job from

When you find a job as a physical therapist assistant with the help of, you’ll work alongside physical therapists providing treatments focused on improving patient mobility, relieving pain and preventing or reducing patients' physical disabilities. Under the supervision of an experienced physical therapist, opportunities enable you to help patients with their treatment goals, which may include exercises, massages, electrical stimulation and ultrasound. also offers physical therapist assistant jobs that will give you the opportunity to advance your career by specializing in a clinical area or working in administrative positions. Some physical therapist assistants move on to teach in an accredited program or organize community activities that promote fitness and risk reduction. Physical therapy assistant jobs typically require an associate's degree from an accredited college program. The curriculum varies, with some programs requiring students to complete anatomy and physiology classes as well as CPR and other first aid certifications before gaining clinical experience. Our career specialists will be able to help answer all your career advancement questions.

Make a Great Living as a Physical Therapist Assistant

How much can you make as a PTA? Working physical therapy assistant jobs with means enjoying a highly competitive salary and benefit options customized to your individual needs. The average mean annual salary for physical therapist assistants in May 2009 was $48,590.* Depending on location, experience, training and education, permanent and travel PTA jobs provide an annual salary between $30,400 and $66,460, with the potential to earn more with additional education, training, certifications and experience. Top paying industries for physical therapist assistant jobs include home healthcare services, employment services and nursing care facilities. At, our attentive, well-trained staff will make sure that all of your qualifications are taken into consideration to match you with the right PTA job for you.
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*Source: U.S. Department of Labor