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If you’re looking for permanent or travel physical therapist jobs, look no further. At, you’ll have a wide assortment of permanent and travel career options at your fingertips. Working with will give you the flexibility to choose from a variety of settings, including acute care hospitals, rehab care facilities, home health care services, school systems, nursing care facilities, medical and surgical hospitals, and physician and audiologist offices. Are you just starting out or do you have many years of PT experience? Either way when you work with the industry’s best provider of therapy job opportunities — —our career specialists will match you with the right physical therapy jobs to fit your professional background and goals.

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Want to positively affect patients’ lives?’ physical therapists (PTs) make a difference every day by providing a variety of medical services that help patients to improve mobility, restore function, relieve pain and prevent permanent physical disabilities from injuries or disease. Working with will give you the opportunity to find the physical therapy jobs that are right for you, and where you can spend your time improving the lives of patients, including accident victims and individuals with disabling conditions. At you’ll have the choice of treating a wide range of ailments, or considering specialties such as pediatrics, geriatrics, orthopedics and sports medicine. Regardless of where you want your career to go, career specialists are here to guide you towards the path that’s best for you. To qualify for’ physical therapist jobs, you must complete an accredited physical therapy education program and pass the required licensure exam before applying to our program.

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When you work physical therapy jobs through, you’ll enjoy a highly competitive salary and custom benefits tailored to your individual needs. The average mean yearly salary for physical therapists in May 2009 was $76,220.* Depending on location, experience, training and education, permanent and travel PT jobs typically provide an annual salary range of between $52,170 and $105,900, with the potential to earn more with additional education, training, certifications and experience. Experience and location often play a part in the salary determination for a particular physical therapy job. At, our attentive staff will make sure that all of your qualifications are taken into consideration to ensure we provide the best physical therapist jobs match for you.

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*Source: U.S. Department of Labor