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Looking for an allied health career in therapy? AllTherapyJobs.com is where you will find the best permanent and travel therapy career opportunities. AllTherapyJobs.com is all about choice, offering you an assortment of medical settings to work in nationwide. Find satisfying, flexible employment in rehabilitation facilities, skilled nursing facilities, long-term and acute care facilities, home health settings and school systems. We offer thousands of job opportunities to fit your specialty — physical therapist and physical therapist assistant jobs; certified occupational therapist and certified occupational therapist assistant jobs; speech-language pathologist jobs, and respiratory therapist jobs. No matter what allied health career path you take, AllTherapyJobs.com offers a wide variety of job opportunities. Plus, we give our allied health professionals the freedom and flexibility to work various assignment lengths in a variety of healthcare settings. Want to learn more about a specific allied healthcare career? Check out our specialty spotlight careers below or search our therapy jobs now.

Allied Healthcare Careers Are Plentiful at AllTherapyJobs.com

As a physical therapist (PT), you provide a variety of medical services that help patients to improve mobility, restore function, relieve pain and prevent permanent physical disabilities from injuries or disease. Physical therapy jobs are incredibly rewarding. Using treatments that often include exercise, physical therapists encourage patients to use their muscles to increase their flexibility and range of motion. The pay is great and demand is growing! Learn more about physical therapist careers or start your physical therapist jobs search today. Want a job that is available across most of the United States and with employment rates projected to rise faster than the average career? If so, then a permanent or travel physical therapy assistant (PTA) job awaits you at AllTherapyJobs.com. Under supervision of a physical therapist, you will partake in the rewarding work of helping patients with their treatment goals, which may include exercises, massages, electrical stimulation and ultrasound. Learn more about physical therapist assistants or start your physical therapist assistant jobs search today. As the elderly population increases, so does the demand for occupational therapists (OT). Facilities such as acute care hospitals, rehabilitation centers or orthopedic settings where the elderly are treated are in need of OTs. Occupational therapists help patients to improve their ability to perform important daily functions and tasks. You will use life-changing treatments that improve your patients' basic motor functions and reasoning abilities. Learn more about career opportunities for occupational therapists or start your occupational therapist jobs search today. Demand for certified occupational therapist assistants (COTA) is at an all-time high. As an occupational therapist assistant, you’ll work alongside highly skilled occupational therapists, providing rehabilitative services to people suffering from mental, physical, emotional, or developmental impairments. Whether you prefer teaching at an accredited program, advising and counseling the elderly on how to reduce their health risks or moving into an administrative position to develop your career, AllTherapyJobs.com is a gateway to your perfect therapy job. Learn more about careers for certified occupational therapist assistants or start your COTA jobs search today.
Speech-Language Pathologist
A career as a speech-language pathologist entails treating disorders related to speech, language and cognitive communication. Start your speech-language pathologist jobs search now.
Respiratory Therapist
A career as a respiratory therapist can be one of the most rewarding allied healthcare careers. RTs provide treatment and care for patients with breathing or other cardiopulmonary disorders. Start your respiratory therapist jobs search now.