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Our Value Packages Fit Every Budget!
Whether you have hiring needs periodically or on an annual basis our value packages can accommodate your recruiting budget. Don’t find a specific package that specifically fits your needs? No worries, we can customize a recruiting package for you so you can maximize your return on investment. Take a look at our standard value packages below and call ATJ to get started finding quality therapist professionals today!

To purchase a value package, contact ATJ!
Call Now! 888.682.4966 In just a few minutes we can help you post jobs, provide access to our in depth therapy job seeker database, and help you develop your brand messaging so you can start hiring quality therapy professionals today!

Package Components Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Platinum
Client Access Licenses (CALs) 2 5 10 20
Job Postings 5 50 100 400
Hot Job(s) (No more than 2 Hot Jobs/state) 1 2 3 4
Company Specific Page
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Professional Training/Consulting Services 30 minutes 1 hour 1.5 hours 2 hours

List of Services
Client Access Licenses (CALs)
Individuals have unique access to the system. Each user can manage their specific activity and this information can be shared with others throughout the employer’s organization.
Job Postings
Standard job postings display company information, job descriptions, and job seekers have the ability to respond either as a registered user or as a visitor to the site. Standard job postings display company information, job descriptions, and job seekers have the ability to respond either as a registered user or as a visitor to the site. All jobs posted on ATJ are cross posted to multiple job boards that include (when available): Google, Indeed, Simply Hired, Lycos, and Jobster.

Job Posting Packages consist of two types:
  • Individual Job Posting Plans – 30 day job postings that can also be bought in bulk to provide additional savings based on volume. These postings run on the ATJ web site for up to 30 days (1 month).
  • Job Posting Slots – These posting plans include job slots that are reserved for use on a quarterly, semi-annual, and annual basis. Job Posting Slots can be purchased in bulk or in a Value Package for additional savings. These jobs can be interchanged with new positions that open up. So when you fill one position, you can add a new position in its place. The amount of Job Posting Slots that run concurrently at the same time is dependent on the package purchased.
Hot Job(s) (No more than 2 Hot Jobs/state)
Premium job postings that are the first openings job seekers are able to view. These postings are in bold print and have improved visibility over standard postings. More importantly, Hot Jobs are listed at the top of the page when job seekers conduct searches for open positions. This, along with a benefit tag line that is unique to the Hot Job posting, increases exposure and your ability to fill that position.
  • Employers have the ability to replace hot job(s) every 30 days based on recruiting priority. So if you fill the position or have a different job that you want to increase exposure for, just replace it. All you have to do is contact the ATJ staff and we will take care of it for you.
  • Hot Jobs are also provided additional advertising exposure on the main home pages of ATJ and are the perfect way to find candidates for those hard to fill positions.
Company Specific Page
Company specific web pages are promoted in the Featured Employer section located on the main page of Job seekers are able to select the therapy segment that matches their experience and then view all job openings for each respective company. This gives you the opportunity to have all of your open jobs listed in one place. Employers are able to promote their image and provide an overview of their company that describes key benefits to joining their organization.
  • Company specific web pages help search engine optimization and are developed in cooperation with the employer.
Banner Ad
As a leading web portal in the therapy industry, we specialize in creating customized branding links to reach job seekers that visit ATJ. We will work with you and develop and/or host a series of custom banners that rotate on both websites.
ATS (Applicant Tracking System)
Track all of your therapy recruiting in one central location. Edit and manage your job postings, leads, candidates, search agents, and notification templates through one simple tool, while sharing and communicating with all parties involved.
Professional Training/Consulting Services
Includes support for the following services:
  • Administration console – Use our administration console to perform functions like: add/edit users, change permissions, customize drop-down menus, build custom auto-responders, set notifications, and run standard and/or custom reports.
  • Reporting – Our core software includes advanced reporting and searching features, but we recognize that many organizations have specific reporting requirements. Standardized reporting allows the user to run activity reports on the My Jobs, and My Candidate modules. ATJ can build reports that integrate with your reporting systems – additional fees may apply.
  • Dedicated account representative – ATJ offers dedicated account representatives to assist in the management of your software, jobs, candidates, leads and any other areas that your organization may need assistance.
  • Job uploads
  • Updated jobs
  • ATJ consulting
  • Training for new employees on software
  • Monthly web site review and consulting report
  • E-mail and phone support for your recruiters
Custom Job Board
The custom job board will display all of the employer's open therapy positions with the look and feel of the employer’s corporate web site. Candidates/job seekers will enjoy the same functionality of the main ATJ job boards with seamless integration into your company’s web site. All positions posted through ATJ will automatically be posted to your corporate web site and will be “live” immediately. Job listings will be administered and mirrored on the main ATJ web site for added convenience and additional exposure.